January 17, 2018

Welcome to Groovin’ On Apps

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    Welcome to Groovin’ On Apps, where you’ll find good vibes and gravy served on Apple’s primo plattters — the iPhone and iPad. For an even heartier welcome and password-protected “appetizers,” sign up to “iHappify” in the blue box to the right.

    One solitary observation gave rise to Groovin’ On Apps: That so many of us use the iPad and iPhone like we supposedly use our brains — up to only ten percent! This, after plunking a fair amount of money on our precious iDevices.

    The rampant under-utilization of an iPad or iPhone has got to stop — not only because it’s such an investment shame — but also because  so many opportunities to enrich and “easify” your life fall by the wayside. So Groovin’ On Apps exists to help you “squeeze the juice out of your Apple” for a better, easier life.


    Sandwiches iZestified

    You’ll find this site especially helpful if  you are — like me and some 78 million Americans  — sandwiched between children who are way more tech-savvy than you and parents who don’t even come close. Groovin’ on Apps will give you the wherewithal to conquer and subdue:

    • Thinking that your Apple iPhone is smarter than you
    • Feeling your Apple iPad is a bigger tablet than you can swallow
    • Kids who roll their eyes over your iDevice use and questions
    • Parents with a seemingly endless stream of questions and distress calls for  iPad or iPhone help


    iDevicers iHappified

    Groovin’ on Apps helps you gain happiness traction and momentum using your iPad or iPhone. We call it “iHappiness” — a condition  that comes easy when you:

    • Understand that Apple designed the iPad and iPhone to help you lead a better, easier life on many fronts, not just with games or entertainment-on-demand.
    • Remember you are the boss of  your iDevice and not the other way around.  Mastering your iPhone or iPad is hard to do when you’re intimidated, overwhelmed or otherwise freaked out by its features and capabilities. So don’t be. Forget the smirks of those more knowledgeable than you. Dismiss even the “must-have” advice of well-meaning tech pros and reviewers, at least initially.
    • Focus on your needs and wants first, and then fill, frill and use your iPad or iPhone accordingly. You will then be better served by these radically cool devices in every undertaking — from enjoying a hobby to the max to managing your health and wealth, and optimizing work productivity, personal security, travel, parenting, grand-parenting, care-giving and (aah) leisure.


    Enter to Rock On!

    Please leave your shoes and sandals at the door, loosen that tie and let your hair down. Profit from what’s in store for you at Groovin’ on Apps:

    • Quick access to simple and straightforward iPad and iPhone answers
    • Carefully researched iPad and iPhone resources for more in-depth information about features, accessories, apps and appcessories
    • A weekly email newsletter with short, actionable iPad and iPhone tips, tools and tricks
    • A community where you can freely share your tech adventures, misadventures, questions, answers and recommendations


    I look forward to seeing you on the inside! And do take this heartfelt wish with you as you enter —

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