February 19, 2018

The Best Photo and Video App Bundles for iPhone and iPad: Top Quality Apps Up to 50% Off


The very best iPad and iPhone photo and video apps tend to become permanent fixtures on the iTunes Top Charts, while others float in and out on the wings of special promotions, holidays, extraordinary novelty or exceptional functionality. Until last Fall, I tracked them individually. But, a new compelling creature has emerged in the iTunes Top Charts that I find myself following even more closely these days — the App Bundle. It’s value-laden.

An App Bundle represents a discounted offer for two or more of an app developer’s apps. In the weeks following Apple’s release of iOS 8 — which enabled app bundling among developers — a handful of these package deals landed on the Top Charts almost instantly.

Some App Bundles gather a developer’s bestselling photo and video apps into one enticing package; others combine lesser-known stellar apps with famously epic ones. Either way, they offer some of the best apps you can use to shoot, edit, filter, frame, decorate, collage, add text to and manage your iPad or iPhone photos and videos for considerably less money. If you were to individually purchase each of the bundled photo and video apps listed below, you’d spend roughly $120; with App Bundles, you’d get them for less than $80.

So, here are the bestselling photo and video App Bundles to date on the iTunes App Store. Use them to expand or augment your iPhone and iPad photo and video capabilities economically and smartly. Note that purchasing an App Bundle works similarly to an iTunes music album; if you already own one of the bundled photo or video apps, you’ll only pay the cost to complete the bundle.


Best Video Square Apps for iPad


This six-app bundle supports just about anything you’d want to do on a square video prior to posting it on Instagram. This broad functionality is yours to enjoy for nearly 33 percent off its combined price tag of $5.94. A mere $4.99 gets you:


Comic Book Creation Pack


Save a third off the regular $2.98 price tag of two fun creativity apps, which enable you to transform anyone (and anything) into a comic book character.  You can add and manipulate paper styles, captions, speech balloons, graphic stamps and fonts. Just $1.99 delivers:

  • Halftone, for converting a single image into comic art
  • Halftone 2, for turning a series of photos into a comics-style collage or storytelling piece


Diptic Power Bundle


With this bundle, you can get three exceptional collage-making apps for $2.99, or roughly 25 percent off their combined regular price of $3.97.  The apps — which all offer basic image editing and fancy border/framing capabilities — include:

  • Diptic, a high-quality photo collage maker
  • Diptic PDQ, a high-quality photo collage maker that’s “Pretty Damn Quick” to use and share from
  • Diptic Video, a high-quality photo/video collage maker for combining up to four items in 35 ways


EasyTiger’s Pro Photo Editing, Effects, & Typography Bundle


Instead of paying $5.97, get three remarkable photo and video editing apps for $4.99, or 16 percent less. Then you’d have the option to use:


GMY Art Vintage Filter Bndle


If you’re going for an antique, vintage, retro or deeply customized image look and feel, then this App Bundle is worth every penny. The two photo editing apps in this App Bundle give you a slew of distinct photo filters and effects, discounted 25 percent discount from its original $3.98 price tag. So, for just $2.99, you can enjoy:

  • Vintique, with dozens of filters ranging from basic to vintage, light,snap, retro and soft vintage
  • Color of Life, which enables you to apply multiple layers of filters and presets at once


Lucky Clan Bestsellers for iPad and

Lucky Clan Bestsellers for iPhone

by Lucky Clan

The one photo and two video apps that comprise this $7.99 iOS App Bundle collectively cost $11.97. So, for roughly a third off, you can get:


Photo and Video Fun Bundle

by MacPhun

The developer has lopped off 37 percent of the combined $7.96 retail price of four universal apps — designed primarily for iPad or iPhone photo and video hobbyists and enthusiasts. For just $ 4.99, you’d obtain:

  • FX Photo Studio‘s photo capture and editing implements, including camera, filters, effects and frames
  • Vintagio‘s vintage video editing, filtering and soundtrack options
  • Perfect Photo‘s essential photo editing tools and effects to improve pictures
  • ColorStrokes‘ powerful color splash and image editing kit


Photo Management Kit by ERCLab

by ERCLab, LLC

This $8.99 App Bundle includes four solid universal apps designed to help you manage, store, move and back up your iPad or iPhone photos and videos. For 40 percent off of its regular combined $14.96 price, you’d vastly improve your image and media-related productivity with:

  • Photo Transfer App to transfer photos and videos between your iPad or iPhone and computer over Wi-Fi
  • Cloud Gallery PRO to view, organize and transfer photos to and from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Flickr
  • Backup Rocket to automatically upload and back up all your Camera Roll photos and videos to Google Drive
  • UploadCam PRO to automatically upload the photos and videos that you shoot with the app to Dropbox or Google Drive


PhotoToaster Essentials Bundle

by East Cost Pixels, Inc.

The three photo and video editing apps in this bundle — which regularly sell for a combined $6.97 — can be yours for just $4.99. That’s nearly 30 percent off for possibly 150 percent more iPad and iPhone photo and video editing capability with:

  • PhotoToaster, a photo editor that delivers hundreds of one-click preset effects, filters, settings, borders and textures, along with precise slider enhancement controls
  • TitleFx, a text-over-photo kit brimming with font, text effect and text attribute options and controls, as well as a save-edit capability
  • PhotoMotion, a photo montage video maker that accommodates the motion, transitions, titles and music you desire


Pic360 Amazing Eight Bundle


This particular App Bundle — at $7.99 — offers each of eight universal photo editing apps at roughly a dollar apiece. Together, they give you hundreds of iPad and iPhone photo filters, effects, light leak themes and image enhancement controls — all at 42 percent off their combined price of $13.92. You get:

  • FX Cam+, a photo editor with 140 filters and professional special effects
  • Snap+, another photo editor featuring more than 560 preset filters and effects
  • Retro Photo, an image editor that adds a retro and vintage feel with 75 paid professional photographic filters and 50 special effects
  • Light FX, another image editor that provides 400 unique light effects, including striking light leak themes
  • Effect FX, a photo editor that gives your 160 standard and extra filters to achieve just the right feel
  • Galaxy+Pro, replete with more than 150 effects and textures, organized into 12 folders: Black & White, Bokeh, Classics, Film, Light, Lomo, Premixed, Scratches, Space, Textures, Vignette and Vintage.
  • Lomo Style Camera, with numerous effects and filters to cast a lomo sheen on images, including a color cast filter, lens flare, 8mm camera effects and fish-eye lens
  • FX Maker, an instant camera with more than 350 extra light effects


PicFrame Bonus Photo Bundle

by ActiveDevelopment

At nearly 50 percent off of a regular combined price of $3.97, you can enjoy three wildly popular, easy to use iPad and iPhone photo and video editing apps. $1.99 gets you:

  • PicFrame, a fully featured photo collage and labeling app
  • Bokehful, a fun way to add bokeh light effects to images
  • PicBoost, a versatile image blender and RGB curve manipulator


Pixite Photo Kit

by Pixite, LLC

Each of the photo effects apps in this bundle — which collectively sell for $9.95 — are consistent App Store bestsellers. At $5.99, or nearly 40 percent less, you can expand your iPad and iPhone photo editing capabilities with:

  • Union, for creatively combining photos in unique ways
  • Matter, for adding 3D objects to images
  • Fragment, for applying prismatic and kaleidoscopic effects to photos
  • Tangent, for enhancing photos with unique geometric effects
  • LoryStripes, for adding all kinds of ribbons and stripes to pictures


Rhonna Designs Bundle

by Rhonna Farrer

This $2.99 App Bundle provides all kinds of graphic and typographic tools to accomplish just about any photo illustration you envision. For roughly 25 percent off their regular $3.98 price, you can utilize these wildly popular and very well-rated apps:

  • Rhonna Designs, to design, illustrate, decorate and add text to your images
  • Rhonna Designs Magic, to create and apply interesting photo effects, such as colors, light leaks, bokeh, blur, textures and edges


Video Editing & Compositing Suite for iPad and iMovie


If iMovie is your video editing app of choice, then this app bundle is for you. Priced at $4.99 — or exactly 50 percent off of regular app prices — you get:


Visual Effects Pack

by BrainFeverMedia

Six fun, easy-to-use photo editing and effects apps — which normally retail for a combined $13.94 — can be yours for more than 20 percent off. For $10.99, you can get:

  • Reflect+, to add stunning reflections to images
  • LensLight, to add beautiful lighting photo effects
  • Alien Sky, to manipulate your sky and add unique space objects
  • Circular+, to transform your pictures into interesting circular images
  • LensFlare, to add special photo optical effects
  • LensFX, to apply special Hollywood photo effects


App Bundles Are a Welcome Option

This is only the beginning, friend. You can expect more money-saving App Bundles in the future to better edit, and enhance your iPad and iPhone photos and videos. Which photo or video App Bundle would you recommend looking into?

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