December 15, 2017

The Best iPad and iPhone Apps Now on Sale or Free

  • I gift a lot of apps over the holidays and afterward, recommend a lot of apps to friends and family who are eager to spend their shiny, new iTunes gift cards on worthy apps. This year, I will inevitably point folks towards four of my favorite App Store collections, namely:

    • HALL OF FAME apps for the IPAD and IPHONE — where you can get the more “mature” apps out there, which have earned a gazillion thumbs-ups. Apple has described them as “the best of the best of the best” apps in the marketplace.
    • BEST OF 2012 apps for the IPAD and IPHONE — where you can find exceptional emerging apps and app sequels that you might have missed in the cacophony of more than 740,000 apps and thousands of app reviews. Many of these apps are well on their way to being inducted into the Hall of Fame collections.
    • APPS FOR KIDS on the IPAD and IPHONE — which we’ve featured here, here and here.  If you’ve visited before, you’ll know that I spend a great deal of time here for and in behalf of one precious grandchild and oh so many other children belonging to friends and family
    • GAMES FOR KIDS on the IPAD and IPHONE — which we’ve also detailed here, here and here  — and also for the same kiddies mentioned above.

    All told, these four collections feature more than 600 extraordinary apps.  But when it comes to their prices — especially over the holidays — some are “naughty” and others, “nice.” “Naughty” apps quietly increase their prices when you’re not looking, and you won’t have a clue unless you’ve noted their prices beforehand. On the other hand, “nice” apps offer generous, often well-publicized sales and discounts for a day or longer. In both cases, the app price changes can be pretty significant — I’ve noted up to $10 drops and $12 surges in app prices so far.

    So to further help friends and family make savvy app choices this season — both in terms of quality and price — I”m tracking the “nice” apps from the above collections. You’ll find them listed and updated on the sidebar. I’ll keep this up indefinitely and at some point, teach you how to track the prices of apps that interest you yourself.

    In the meantime, my very best wishes to you and your over the holidays and beyond.

    Tip: Once you download a discounted app, you’ll enjoy its sale price forever. For example, a paid app you that you download today for free will remain free when you re-download it in the future, even if its price has reverted back to paid.

    Tip: Holiday app sales lists on the sidebar correspond to each of the collections mentioned at the beginning of this post. Top kids’ apps and games on holiday sale are combined in one list.

    Tip: Click on an app name on a list to see its current price and description. Click “Back” on the upper left to return to the list.

    Tip: Click on an app’s “View” button to see more details on the App Store itself — including its user ratings and comments, iDevice compatibility and system requirements.

    Tip: For additional age guidance on featured kids’ apps and games, use iKidsAge — our paid kids’ app research service that’s available for free for a while. Simply sign up here.



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