February 19, 2018

Trust Your Inner Voice — Motivational Life Quote Meme


Another Way to Turn the Other Cheek — Wise Quote Meme


Tap Your Inner Greatness — Motivational Life Quote Meme


Don’t Silence Your Bird Song — Inspirational Quote Meme


For Your Happiness Cheat Sheet — Inspirational Quote Meme


Quick Links to Special Age-Rated Kids Collections on the App Store and iTunes

It was once time-consuming and challenging to find age-appropriate apps, games and shows for kids on the App Store and iTunes. Well, not any more. Today, you can quickly access these special age-rated collections for apps and media that are widely recommended and popular for your kids’ ages and stages: PLAYTIME WITH YOUR TODDLER, which […]

The Best Photo and Video Editing Apps on Sale Now for the iPhone and iPad

If you’ve resisted getting some of the best photo and video editing apps on your iPhone and iPad because of cost, welcome to the club! Their prices can add up pretty quickly. Unless you absolutely need a capable app for an urgent task, it’s often hard to justify the purchase of yet another photo or […]

ElfYourself a Super Elfie Selfie

Make your own super Elfie Selfie video with the ELF YOURSELF app. It’s so much fun! You can get the app for free here: http://bit.ly/J36QA0 This year, the app offers one free dance (Office Party) and eight paid dances (see below), which you can download for 99 cents apiece (or the whole library for $4.99). […]

Best iPad & iPhone Apps: How & Where to Find Them

Big baby. That’s how Apple’s App Store was born in 2008, offering consumers hundreds of cute, wiggly and robustly functional applications from the get-go. App Store has since grown rapidly, with more than half a million apps on its virtual shelves today capable of supporting virtually anything you want to do on your iPhone or […]

Is the iPad an E-Reader?

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