December 17, 2017

Top Recommended iPad and iPhone Accessories

Whether you’re looking for an app or an accessory, the iPad and iPhone marketplace can be overwhelming. But there are two key differences.  You  can get or sample a lot of good quality apps for free; with accessories, not so much.   You can also take small, 99-cent chances on many apps, but with iPad […]

Top iPad and iPhone Gift Appcessories: Music and Entertainment

The truth is, you’re a musician. We all are — just in varying degrees.  Whether you’re a sing-along music lover or an amazing music maker,  there’s an iPad or iPhone appcessory out there that can help you create your own beautiful, unique sound — pitch-perfect and enhanced even. Based on research enjoyably started elsewhere, this […]

Top iPad and iPhone Gift Appcessories: Toys and Games

Nowadays, you have three gift-giving choices to help an iPad or iPhone owner get more fun or functionality from his or her iDevice: Give an app, accessory or appcessory. An appcessory is a special app-and-accessory combo that transforms an iPad or iPhone into a wide range of desirable things, from a toy to a fitness […]

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