December 17, 2017

For Your Happiness Cheat Sheet — Inspirational Quote Meme



HOORAY for forgetfulness… it’s got a silver lining! It seems that there’s a light at the end of memory lane for us all. But for right now, may this short quote about life motivate you to forgive and forget  — as quickly as possible — even when it isn’t easy. Just “Fuhgeddaboudit,” let it go and be happy.

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Photo Editor Apps Used on iPad

  • TouchRetouch, to remove the stone statue’s “fangs” (which I didn’t like)
  • Shift, to crop and apply a subtle light + texture filter to photo
  • TextMask, to layer text and background over the busy image
  • PhotoToaster, to frame the meme with a border
  • iWaterMark, to watermark the final piece

Custom Meme Credits


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