February 18, 2018

Don’t Silence Your Bird Song — Inspirational Quote Meme



I mashed together a favorite inspirational life quote with an extreme close-up of a hummingbird in this meme. May it inspire you to balance your everyday busyness with your inner “song.” If it helps, download Unstuck (another fave) to get some excellent tips. As always, feel free to share this.

Photo Editor Apps Used on iPad

  • iColorama, to deeply crop the image and smooth out its pixelization with a Style effect
  • Big Photo, to enlarge the smallish, cropped image back to a decent photo size
  • Rhonna Designs, to compose and layer text and background over the busy image
  • PhotoToaster, to frame the meme with a border
  • iWaterMark, to watermark the final piece

Custom Meme Credits

 Need a special custom meme or memorable meme series? For greater social impact and more likes? I can help. Contact me here.

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