November 25, 2015

How Will Leaving Your iPhone Plugged in Affect Battery Life?

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You would be well served to think about your iPhone’s battery like the human heart. To keep it strong, healthy and enduring, you should exercise it regularly — even frequently to the point of exhaustion.

To the extent that you don’t do this by keeping your iPhone constantly plugged to a power source, you make a couch potato out of your battery. Then, when you really need it to run a marathon, you may find that it can’t. What’s more, the chances of your iPhone needing a battery transplant — sooner rather than later — increase dramatically.

I’ve written concisely about this subject in a recent  article — “How Will Leaving Your iPhone Plugged in Affect Battery Life?” — posted in the Science section of Opposing Views. Learn more about your iPhone’s lithium-ion characteristics, the difference between battery life and life span, and the absolute importance of charge cycling your iPhone battery for a fit and long life.

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