December 15, 2017

How to Find Top Recommended iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids in the App Store (updated)

  • More than 20,000 iPhone and iPad apps for kids can certainly make finding the best kids apps challenging and time-consuming.

    To help you out, Apple lists what it considers the latest, greatest children’s storybook, game, creativity and educational apps in one spot on the App Store.

    You’ll find them within a section called Apps for Kids — a wonderful place to begin your search for the best free and paid iPad and iPhone apps for babies, toddlers, tweens and teens.

    Here’s how to get there.



    TIP: There’s only one drawback to Apps for Kids: It does not give you an age gauge that tells you which top recommended kids’ apps are appropriate for your child’s age. To get that age guidance, check out iKidsAge — our (arguably insane) kids’ app research that age-rates each featured app in Apps for Kids and Games for Kids. Learn more here.


    How to access Apps for Kids on an iPad

    You have two options to access Apps for Kids on an iPad:

    • First option: For iPad Apps for Kids, tap or click here. To easily access this link in the future, bookmark this page .
    • Second option: Tap to launch your App Store app. With iOS 5, tap “Categories” at the bottom of your screen, followed by “Education.” Scroll to “Quick Links” box at the bottom of the page and then tap the “Apps for Kids” link within it. With iOS 6, tap “Featured” at the bottom of your screen. Next, flick through the top banner to find and tap “Essentials App Collections.” Finally, tap “Apps for Kids.”


    How to access Apps for Kids on an iPhone

    • First option: For iPhone Apps for Kids, tap or click here.
    • Second option: With iOS 5, you can’t access the collection. Again, you may want to bookmark this page to keep the above link handy going forward. With iOS 6, however, you can. Tap to launch your App Store app. Tap “Featured” at the bottom if you’re not already there, followed by “Categories” on the upper left. Next, tap “Education” and then flick through the top banner to find and tap  “Education Collections.” Scroll down and tap “Apps for Kids.”


    How to access Apps for Kids on a computer using iTunes

    You have two options to access Apps for Kids on your desktop or laptop:

    • First option: Launch iTunes. Hover your cursor over “App Store” on the navigation bar above to reveal its little drop-down arrow. Click the arrow to browse the drop-down menu. Select either “iPhone App Collections” or “iPad App Collections,” depending on what you’re hoping to get. Finally, click “Apps for Kids.”
    • Second option: Launch iTunes. Click “App Store” on the navigation bar above the main pane on the right, followed by “Education.” Then, click “Apps for Kids” within the box on the upper right. The link takes you to the iPhone Apps for Kids collection.


    TIP: Apps for Kids sometimes proves too rich for the original iPad or older model iPhone. It may abruptly exit the page once you reach it. To prevent this, completely rid your multitasking bar of all apps before you launch the App Store app. If that doesn’t work, reboot or hard-reset your iDevice before proceeding.


    Share Apps for Kids Far and Wide

    Go ahead — ask around. You’ll be amazed at how many grown-ups don’t know about the App Store Apps for Kids showcase. Actually, it’s understandable. It lies hidden beneath several layers in the the App Store and it’s already moved location once since its launch in 2010.

    But now that you’re in the know, share this information with others. You’ll help to provide well-deserved relief to child-caring adults everywhere. You’ll help to support the brilliance of Apps for Kids app developers. And most importantly, you’ll help to entertain and educate iPad and iPhone-toting kids of friends and family in the most excellent way possible.


    TIP: To find gems other than the kids’ apps that carry Apple’s strongest endorsement on the App Store, check out the “must-have” app recommendations of reputable kids’ app reviewers and these wonderful kids’ app discovery apps.


     (This post originally appeared on August 25, 2012. It has been updated to reflect recent changes made on the App Store, which have affected how to find and access the Apps for Kids collection.)



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