October 10, 2015

How to Edit iPhone Notes on a PC

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It used to be that you’d sync your iPhone notes to Outlook on your PC and that was that. Because the sync only happened one way — from iPhone to computer — any changes you made in your Outlook notes folder stayed there. If it made its way back to your iPhone, it was with the excellent but often circuitous help of a third-party app-and-cloud solution.

Enter iCloud. Together with your iPhone Notes app, it not only helps you overcome one-way syncs seamlessly, but also enables you to review, edit, sync and share your iPhone notes from any Internet-connected PC — not just your own. It’s a sweet deal,  especially if you’re a prolific note taker who’s on the road a lot without a laptop or a computer you can claim as your own.

To learn more, read this short article that I’ve written on “How to Edit iPhone Notes on a PC,” posted on AZCentral.com’s Business & Entrepreneurship section. Find out how to configure iCloud on your iPhone for notes and discover two straightforward ways to edit iCloud and IMAP mail account notes on a PC.

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  1. I am a freshman student and use a pc app to take notes on my iphone from my PC when in class as described here:


    This is an alternative way I found to edit and take notes on my iphone so that i can review when i am on the train. It works well – hope it is of help to somebody.

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