January 18, 2018

ElfYourself a Super Elfie Selfie

Make your own super Elfie Selfie video with the ELF YOURSELF app. It’s so much fun! You can get the app for free here: http://bit.ly/J36QA0 This year, the app offers one free dance (Office Party) and eight paid dances (see below), which you can download for 99 cents apiece (or the whole library for $4.99). […]

Apple’s Top Apps and Games for Kids That You Can Try for Free

Ultimately, you find some of the best iPad and iPhone apps and games for kids in two ways — Quibbles and Nibbles. Quibbles are those insightful kids’ app reviews and lists that you find on the Web, and those helpful kids’ app user comments and ratings that greet you on the App Store. Nibbles are […]

The Best Free iPad and iPhone Kids’ Apps According to Apple

There’s a difference between popular kids’ apps and games that grab the world’s fancy momentarily, and the best kids’ apps and games that become all-time favorites, classics and “must-haves.” So which type of kids’ apps do you seek? Either way, Apple’s got you covered. With some overlap, the App Store lists them separately. You’ll find […]

How to Find Top Recommended iPad & iPhone Games for Kids in the App Store

Top iPad and iPhone Gift Appcessories: Toys and Games

Nowadays, you have three gift-giving choices to help an iPad or iPhone owner get more fun or functionality from his or her iDevice: Give an app, accessory or appcessory. An appcessory is a special app-and-accessory combo that transforms an iPad or iPhone into a wide range of desirable things, from a toy to a fitness […]

Fun Games for the iPad

How to Load Games on an iPad

How Can I Put Games in My iPhone?

Things You Can Do With an iPhone

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