December 17, 2017

Trust Your Inner Voice — Motivational Life Quote Meme


Another Way to Turn the Other Cheek — Wise Quote Meme


Tap Your Inner Greatness — Motivational Life Quote Meme


Don’t Silence Your Bird Song — Inspirational Quote Meme


For Your Happiness Cheat Sheet — Inspirational Quote Meme


The Best Photo and Video App Bundles for iPhone and iPad: Top Quality Apps Up to 50% Off

  This six-app bundle supports just about anything you’d want to do on a square video prior to posting it on Instagram. This broad functionality is yours to enjoy for nearly 33 percent off its combined price tag of $5.94. A mere $4.99 gets you: Crop Video Square Pro, to position, resize, rotate and fill […]

The Best iPad and iPhone Photo and Video Apps Up to 50% Off with App Bundles

  The very best iPad and iPhone photo and  video apps tend to perch permanently on the iTunes Top Charts, while others regularly soar in on the heels of special holidays and promotions or downright extraordinary appeal and functionality. Until now, I’ve tracked them individually. But, a new, compelling creature has emerged in the iTunes […]

The Best Photo and Video Editing Apps on Sale Now for the iPhone and iPad

If you’ve resisted getting some of the best photo and video editing apps on your iPhone and iPad because of cost, welcome to the club! Their prices can add up pretty quickly. Unless you absolutely need a capable app for an urgent task, it’s often hard to justify the purchase of yet another photo or […]

ElfYourself a Super Elfie Selfie

Make your own super Elfie Selfie video with the ELF YOURSELF app. It’s so much fun! You can get the app for free here: This year, the app offers one free dance (Office Party) and eight paid dances (see below), which you can download for 99 cents apiece (or the whole library for $4.99). […]

An iMovie Tribute to Dad — in Loving Memory

  Early last year, my father called excited to report that he was the proud owner of a new iPad. He had oh so many questions. To help address them, I dedicated a post on this website to him — iPad and iPhone: User Guide Instructions, Tutorials and Resources. He was delighted and grateful. Sadly, […]

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