December 17, 2017

Frugal iPad and iPhone Cellular Data Use: Tips and Tricks

Do you play a monthly game of iPhone data use brinksmanship like these kids of mine? One tends to win and stay within a cellular data plan, but just barely and luckily. The other tends to lose and pay for more data just before the month ends. If you can relate, then this post is […]

Top iPad and iPhone Gift Appcessories: Remote Controllers and Monitors

About two years ago, the folks at Business Insider reckoned that you could remotely control 25 categories of things with your iPhone. While I’m sure that we’ve surpassed that amazing number today, how you gain RC power with your iPhone or iPad remains largely unchanged — you buy a special accessory and then download its […]

iPad and iPhone Health and Fitness: Top Gift Appcessories

It’s a great time to be a fitness buff given the number of iPad and iPhone health-related apps, accessories and app accessories  available today. With New Year resolutions  just around the corner, it’s also a wonderful time to motivate, inspire and equip others to take control of their health along with you. You really can’t […]

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