December 17, 2017

How to Record Phone Calls on an iPhone with Skype and Google Voice

How to Block Calls on iPhone Even After Deleting Their Phone Numbers

How to Close an Email Account on an iPad

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Frugal iPad and iPhone Cellular Data Use: Tips and Tricks

Do you play a monthly game of iPhone data use brinksmanship like these kids of mine? One tends to win and stay within a cellular data plan, but just barely and luckily. The other tends to lose and pay for more data just before the month ends. If you can relate, then this post is […]

3 Ways to Send Multiple Pictures with an iPhone and iPad on iOS 6

Your iPhone or iPad comes with three apps that make it easy for you to send pictures via email or text message. You can send these photos one at a time or in batches using the Photos, Messages or Mail app. Of the three apps, Mail has gained a new iOS 6 enhancement that makes […]

How to Send or Email Multiple Photos from an iPhone or iPad

You can email or text multiple photos from an iPhone or iPad in one of two ways:  Select the pictures to be shared first and then compose an accompanying email or message afterward. Or, create a new email or text message and then attach or copy and paste multiple photos into it. Either way, the […]

How to Send Multiple Attachments on the iPhone

How to Program Push Notifications on an iPhone

How to Send Documents to iPads

Is 3G Used for Data Only on an iPhone?

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