February 18, 2018

How to Make iPad Shortcuts

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How to Find the Best Kids’ Movies and TV Shows by Age on the iTunes Store

In previous posts, you’ve learned how to find the best apps for kids and games for kids on the App Store. Now let’s take a look at how and where to find Apple’s collections of top recommended movies and TV shows for kids in iTunes. Spoiler alert — you’re in for a double-treat with these […]

iPhone & iPad App Review Sites: List, Links, Ranks & Apps

Here’s a  “Cheat Sheet” of more than 200 iPhone and iPad app review websites — have at it! Up to now, it’s sat quietly and privately compiled at Groovin’ on Apps, helping me quickly grasp and navigate the app review landscape as I write about it, and identify choice apps. With more than 215 websites […]

Best iPad & iPhone Apps: How & Where to Find Them

Big baby. That’s how Apple’s App Store was born in 2008, offering consumers hundreds of cute, wiggly and robustly functional applications from the get-go. App Store has since grown rapidly, with more than half a million apps on its virtual shelves today capable of supporting virtually anything you want to do on your iPhone or […]

Best iPad & iPhone Apps: iHappify to Find Them Fast

If you’re a discriminating app shopper, then I invite you to use iHappify, my personal  search engine. I customized iHappify to get reliable iPad and iPhone app guidance from reputable app review websites. It can help you do the same. iHappify scours first through my trusted sites, and then through the rest of the Web […]

What Multi-Touch Gestures Can an iPhone Do?

Is the iPad an E-Reader?

Can You Listen to Music While You Read on the iPad?

How to Get Faster Scrolling on the iPhone

How to Transfer a Picture to an iPad

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