December 17, 2017

Must-See iOS App Trailers and Teaser Videos

I watch a lot of app trailers and teaser videos in pursuit of great iPad or iPhone apps. Here are the best I’ve “experienced” so far. They grip, intrigue, surprise and tickle — well beyond the usual.  And, even when they don’t prompt an immediate app purchase, they tend to  linger on, hauntingly and tauntingly. […]

How the iPad May Change Your Next Dine-Out

Besides your hunger and thirst, dining establishments have always tried to satisfy your appetites for entertainment and productivity as well. In my opinion, technology has always been key to their achieving that. But with the iPad integrated into your favorite restaurant, cafe or bar, you will likely eat, drink and be merry like never before, […]

“iHappiness” is Also a State of Mind with the iPad and iPhone

If you’ve read the Welcome message on this website, then you know that I’m all about the pursuit of  “iHappiness” — enjoying an easier, richer lifestyle using your iPad or iPhone. But like regular happiness,  iHappiness is a state of mind. How much of it you achieve largely depends on two things — iDevice familiarity […]

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