January 17, 2018

iPad and iPhone Basics: User Guide Resources and Tutorials

I write this post for my father — beloved 86-year-old owner of a brand new iPad 2 — who unfortunately lives half a world away. If you — like Dad — are struggling with how and where to begin using a new iDevice, then you’ll appreciate the sources that I’ve listed for him here. They’ll […]

Top Recommended iPad and iPhone Accessories

Whether you’re looking for an app or an accessory, the iPad and iPhone marketplace can be overwhelming. But there are two key differences.  You  can get or sample a lot of good quality apps for free; with accessories, not so much.   You can also take small, 99-cent chances on many apps, but with iPad […]

iPad & iPhone Gifts: Ideas and Guides for All Occasions

If you’re at a loss for a great iPhone or iPad gift — whether an app, accessory or appcessory — then I have another groovy website for you to check out! It’s called iPad and iPhone Gift Guides and Ideas, which I curate on an ongoing basis  at Scoop.it. iPad and iPhone Gift Guides and […]

iPhone & iPad App Review Sites: List, Links, Ranks & Apps

Here’s a  “Cheat Sheet” of more than 200 iPhone and iPad app review websites — have at it! Up to now, it’s sat quietly and privately compiled at Groovin’ on Apps, helping me quickly grasp and navigate the app review landscape as I write about it, and identify choice apps. With more than 215 websites […]

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