February 19, 2018

How Do People Get So Many Likes on Instagram?


How Do I Fix “Feedback Required” on Instagram?


Is There an Instagram Viewer That Shows Your Notifications?


Disabling Instagram From Saving Pictures to a Phone


Is There Any Way to Save Instagram Pictures to Your iPhone?


How to Turn on Instagram Notifications on an iPhone Through the Settings App


iPad and iPhone: User Guide Instructions, Tutorials and Resources

(This post — originally posted on May 2012 — has been updated.) I write this post for my father — beloved 86-year-old owner of a brand new iPad 2 — who unfortunately lives half a world away. If you — like Dad — are struggling with how and where to begin using a new iDevice, […]

Must-See iOS App Trailers and Teaser Videos

I watch a lot of app trailers and teaser videos in pursuit of great iPad or iPhone apps. Here are the best I’ve “experienced” so far. They grip, intrigue, surprise and tickle — well beyond the usual.  And, even when they don’t prompt an immediate app purchase, they tend to  linger on, hauntingly and tauntingly. […]

How Will Leaving Your iPhone Plugged in Affect Battery Life?

Six Apps to Find the Best iPad & iPhone Apps for Kids Fast

Discovery apps can be great time-savers when you’re looking for the best iPad and iPhone apps for your kids.  Here are five six good ones that you can download for free from the App Store. They make it supremely easy to find parent, expert and teacher-recommended kids apps, which deliver the age-appropriate entertainment or educational […]

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