January 17, 2018

3 Ways to Send Multiple Pictures with an iPhone and iPad on iOS 6

Your iPhone or iPad comes with three apps that make it easy for you to send pictures via email or text message. You can send these photos one at a time or in batches using the Photos, Messages or Mail app. Of the three apps, Mail has gained a new iOS 6 enhancement that makes […]

How to Send or Email Multiple Photos from an iPhone or iPad

You can email or text multiple photos from an iPhone or iPad in one of two ways:  Select the pictures to be shared first and then compose an accompanying email or message afterward. Or, create a new email or text message and then attach or copy and paste multiple photos into it. Either way, the […]

How to Never Use Your iPad: 3 Basic No-Nos (1 Made Up)

If you have deep enough pockets to support the reckless use of an iPad, then please skip this article. Otherwise, take note of the following simple prescriptions  for a robust and healthy Apple iPad that you can enjoy for a long, long time. No Extreme Temperatures Do not use or store your iPad in extreme […]

“iHappiness” is Also a State of Mind with the iPad and iPhone

If you’ve read the Welcome message on this website, then you know that I’m all about the pursuit of  “iHappiness” — enjoying an easier, richer lifestyle using your iPad or iPhone. But like regular happiness,  iHappiness is a state of mind. How much of it you achieve largely depends on two things — iDevice familiarity […]

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