January 17, 2018

How to Fix Random iPhone Beeps and Beeping

How Will Leaving Your iPhone Plugged in Affect Battery Life?

How to Never Use Your iPad: 3 Basic No-Nos (1 Made Up)

If you have deep enough pockets to support the reckless use of an iPad, then please skip this article. Otherwise, take note of the following simple prescriptions  for a robust and healthy Apple iPad that you can enjoy for a long, long time. No Extreme Temperatures Do not use or store your iPad in extreme […]

A List of What the iPad Does

Reasons the iPad Is Better Than the iPhone

Should You Let the Battery Run Out Before Charging the iPhone?

What Does the Red Button on the Side of an iPhone Mean?

Can You Sync an iPad to Two Computers

How to Dock Your iPhone with an iPad

How to Record Lectures with Your iPhone’s Microphone

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