February 18, 2018

An iMovie Tribute to Dad — in Loving Memory

  Early last year, my father called excited to report that he was the proud owner of a new iPad. He had oh so many questions. To help address them, I dedicated a post on this website to him — iPad and iPhone: User Guide Instructions, Tutorials and Resources. He was delighted and grateful. Sadly, […]

“iHappiness” is Also a State of Mind with the iPad and iPhone

If you’ve read the Welcome message on this website, then you know that I’m all about the pursuit of  “iHappiness” — enjoying an easier, richer lifestyle using your iPad or iPhone. But like regular happiness,  iHappiness is a state of mind. How much of it you achieve largely depends on two things — iDevice familiarity […]

iPad and iPhone Health and Fitness: Top Gift Appcessories

It’s a great time to be a fitness buff given the number of iPad and iPhone health-related apps, accessories and app accessories  available today. With New Year resolutions  just around the corner, it’s also a wonderful time to motivate, inspire and equip others to take control of their health along with you. You really can’t […]

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