January 17, 2018

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The Truth Is

Diana V. Faustmann, The Accidental iEvangelist

I resisted using Apple’s iPhone and iPad for the longest time. These things held me back:

  • Hype-resistance, which I blame on an extensive marketing background. Nothing is more hyped these days than the iPad and iPhone.
  • Price. I thought these iDevices were designed primarily for heavy-duty gamers and entertainment lovers. Since I was neither, the investment made no sense.
  • Smugness. My PC was all the technology I needed for work and play, or so I thought.
  • Mad Hatter Syndrome. I felt that the iPad an iPhone would require much more time and attention to learn than I could spare.

Then Serendipity Happened

Long story short, I quickly learned that none of my original iPad and iPhone reservations had any basis. In fact, there is considerable substance behind the hype.

What a Trip!

Today, an iPhone 4S and iPad 2 serve me reliably and enjoyably. My excitement over these iDevices has become quite palpable. It seeps into almost every conversation. As a result, many friends and family members — including my 77-year-old mother — use an iPad or iPhone to enhance, enrich and iHappify their lives.

So call me an accidental Apple evangelist and you’d be right. On the other hand, call me a geek and you’d be wrong. I am simply a “happy iCamper,”  about as savvy as the average person who has used technology to get things done at work and home. But I have mixed into this blog site two other passions, which have helped me augment my “geeklessness” and get the most out of my iPad and iPhone:

  • Research, which you can sample along with testimonials at  PushForWords, a sister site; and,
  • Experts — those shameless and knowledgeable geeks who I think the world of,  closely follow and reference in many posts.


Join the Family at Groovin’ On Apps

My Siblings -- iWhiz Wannabes and Truthifiers

This site builds on the questions I receive from friends, family and visitors who — like you — endeavor  to use the iPad or iPhone to:

  • Better manage a busy life at home and work;
  • Pursue personal interests and hobbies in more fulfilling ways; and,
  • Discover productive and enjoyable iPad and iPhone apps, accessories, appcessories, tips, tricks and trends.

Mother-of-Many-Questions -- My Toughest and Most Beloved Student

Mom’s my toughest student (whew)! I dedicate this site to her. But for her and and a tight-knit group of five brothers, five sisters, two dads, one husband, two sons, two daughters, seven in-laws and more than 40 nieces, nephews and grandchildren ranging from kiddy to young adult (whew again!) —  I strive to keep each article:

  • Simple
  • Jargon-free
  • Hype-free
  • Accurate

Organic Truth Serum

Family and friends are my secret antidote to hype and half-truths. If I want to keep my head connected to my body, then I must write truthfully– or else. When self-preservation fuels integrity like this, then advertisers and free promotional items hold no sway.  It’s that simple.

So join us. Become an iPad and iPhone whiz at Groovin’ on Apps as we pursue iHappiness together. To do so, sign up to iHappify, romp through the site and enjoy!


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